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…and Dwarfed Rogue and Bard


I originally made these two as a way to improve thief skills and handwave xp charts by balancing all classes around 2000xp. You can just ignore the dwarf part if that’s your goal!


De-Elfed Spellsword and Nightblade


Here are the ACKS elven spellsword and elven nightblade classes… minus the elf! In other words, human fighter/mage and human thief/mage. I don’t like the idea of having to wait to cast spells, so I further reduced their weapon choices to bow/crossbow and sword/dagger and gave them a spell-like ability at 1st level to make up for it. If you’d rather have them more exactly de-elfed then just ignore that switch and keep the weapons at any one-handed melee or missile (like a thief).

Diopsid ACKS Stats


Diopsid were a really cool race of bug-men that premiered in DRAGON magazine and were collected in Paizo’s Dragon Compendium. Their two main features are bioluminescence and having four arms, two of which are too small to wield weapons but can be used to counterbalance larger weapons, allowing them to dual-wield or sword and board with otherwise two-handed weapons.


ACKS Halflings


There are a couple ACKS halfling builds floating around, but I wasn’t too into any of them, so I made my own. The Halfling Arbiter in this document is based on the one posted here on the Autarch forums.

I especially like to imagine Halfling Outriders skirmishing with Goblin Wolf-riders on the edges of small agrarian towns. That’s my favorite idea of halflings and what I wanted to exemplify in my version here.

ACKS: Goblin and Tengu Custom Classes


NOTE: These classes do NOT follow the rules for beastman classes posted on the Autarch forums. They DO follow the rules for custom  racial classes found on the forums, and rules for custom classes in general found in the Player’s Companion, though.

This file includes my homebrew flavor for Tengu and Goblin D&D player races, ACKS rules for Tengu and Goblin custom classes, and 6 classes (3 tengu and 3 goblin) using those rules.