Birthright Random Events Table for ACKS

Many people utilize the Oriental Adventures random event tables for domain level play. Often it’s asked if a similar table exists set up for non-Eastern settings. I’ve never seen anyone mention it but there exists a very similar table in the BIRTHRIGHT campaign setting book. I decided to adapt the rules in the book to ACKS. Let me know if the numbers seem right.



ROLL 2d10

2 Blood Challenge
A challenger comes to claim the PC’s domain on the basis of hereditary right. Roleplay.

3 Assassination
An attempt is made on the PC’s life. Roleplay.

4 Festival
The PC’s presence is required at a public event – wedding, ritual, etc.The PC must spend 1d6x2000gp on gifts and arrangements or risk offending an important figure.

5 Feud
Two families within the PC’s domain become involved in a blood feud. Domain morale is penalized by -1 until the PC deals with the issue (reaction roll).

6 Natural Event
1d6: 1-5 means a disaster, 6 means an unexpected boon.
Disaster: Roll 1d6. 1-3 small (loss of 2gp per family), 4-5 major (loss of 2d6gp per family), 6 catastrophe (domain loses all income for the month).
Boon: PC gains 1d6 additional income per family.

7 Diplomatic Matter
A diplomat from another realm wishes to meet with the PC. Roll reaction and roleplay.

8 Corruption/Crime
The PC’s income is reduced by 1d3 per family until dealt with.

9-12 No Event

13 Monsters
A monster attacks the domain. The PC must deal with the monster or suffer cumulative -1 to morale until it is dealt with.

14 Brigandage
The PC’s income is reduced by 1d6 per family (minimum 1gp) and morale reduced by cumulative -1 until the brigands are dealt with.

15 Trade Matter
1d6: 1-5 problem, 6 boon.
Problem: PC loses 1d6gp per family in income for the month.
Boon: PC gains 1d6gp per family in income for the month.

16 Intrigue
Morale is reduced by cumulative -1 per month until the intrigue is dealt with.

17 Unrest or rebellion
Morale of the domain is immediately reduced by -1 as malcontents spread unrest.

18 Matter of Justice
The peasants of the PC’s realm demand justice in the form of a constitution, greater democracy, etc. The PC can either ignore the request (suffering a -1 to morale) or offer a solution (reaction roll; 2-5 -1 morale, 6-8 no change, 9-12 +1 morale, Cha and prof.s apply).

19 Great Captain/Heresy
A great peasant hero rises to contest the PC’s right to rule the domain. One hex per month of the PC’s domain generates no income until the problem is dealt with. Assassinating or arresting the hero immediately sets morale to -4 (rebellious).

20 Magical Event
A miscellaneous magical event occurs. GM’s choice. Roleplay.



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