Grey Matter-inspired classes for ACKS

greymatterclasses (1)

Here are three classes I made for ACKS which were inspired by the Grey Matter retroclone. Grey Matter is a retroclone by the person behind Taxidermic Owlbear ( which also hosts the giant comprehensive list of retroclones. Grey Matter is pretty cool in that it is a simple OD&D-alike with a billion options for races, classes, spells, monsters, etc. So it’s a 400+ page rulebook that’s all simple options rather than complex rules.

Anyway, I took inspiration from three classes in Grey Matter – the Bishop (warlord/cleric), Inquisitor (assassin/cleric), and Mystic (mage/cleric) – to build the classes here. The Mystic name is obviously already taken for ACKS, and a multiclass mage/cleric is already done in one way via the Nobiran Wonderworker, so I decided to turn my class into a human wonderworker for those who don’t want to use the Nobiran for whatever reason. Hope you enjoy.


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