Preliminary thoughts: ACKS Blue Rose

My new campaign hypothetical is a combination of Blue Rose, ACKS, and Pendragon. As an experiment I statted up Night People, rhy-cats, and rhy-wolves from Blue Rose into ACKS racial progressions. The Vata of course would just be standard ACKS elves. I tried doing Sea Folk but their water dependence came off as too much a handicap to make playing them worthwhile. Same for the uh, intelligent dolphins.

Night People

4 – 0 + Fighter 4 – 2050xp
3 – 0 + Fighter 3 – 1550xp
2 – 0 + Fighter 2 – 1050xp
1 – 0 + Fighter 1 – 550xp
0 – See below – 50xp

40,000xp after 8th level.


Night People Racial Powers

Infravision: Night people can see in the dark to a distance of 30’.

Endurance: Night people can force march for a day without consequence, and do not need to rest for one turn every six while exploring in dungeons.

Misunderstood: Night people suffer a -1 penalty to reaction rolls with humans, demihumans, and rhy animals.


Rhydan (rhy-cats and rhy-wolves)

4 – 0 + Divine 4 – 2200xp
3 – 0 + Divine 3 – 1200xp
2 – 0 + Divine – 2700xp
1 – 0 + Divine 1 – 450xp
0 – See below – 200xp

42,000xp after 8th level.


Rhydan Racial Powers

No Hands: Rhydan, whether cats or wolves, do not have hands. They cannot wield weapons or manipulate objects in ways that require opposable thumbs and fine manual dexterity.

Natural Attacks: Rhydan have one or more natural attacks appropriate to their species. Rhy-wolves have a single bite attack which deals 1d6 damage; rhy-cats have 2 claw attacks which deal 1d4 damage each.

Proficiencies: Rhydan receive two bonus proficiencies based on their species. Rhy-wolves receive Tracking and Intimidation, and rhy-cats Skulking and Tracking.

ESP: All rhydan are naturally psychic, and can use the spell ESP once per 8 hours.


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