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ACKS with BAB and S&W Save Mechanic

If I get the chance to DM ACKS in the future I think I will use base attack bonus rather than the attack throw system. Converting that is extremely easy: BAB is 10 minus attack throw value, and AC is ACKS AC plus 10. That’s all there is to it.

I’d also prefer to use the S&W save system than ACKS, but rather than just porting in S&W saves and situational bonuses I’m thinking of just taking the median save value for each ACKS class and have them use that for everything. That way you get the simplified mechanic, balanced saves, and attacks and saves increasing at the same rate as in ACKS.

Here are some charts I made up for these house rules:

monsterattack and save charts

Other options I’m considering: max HP at 1st level and half max at each additional level instead of rolling for HP; choose from several ability score arrays rather than rolling; parry once per round by giving up your next action and making a save to avoid damage.


De-Elfed Spellsword and Nightblade


Here are the ACKS elven spellsword and elven nightblade classes… minus the elf! In other words, human fighter/mage and human thief/mage. I don’t like the idea of having to wait to cast spells, so I further reduced their weapon choices to bow/crossbow and sword/dagger and gave them a spell-like ability at 1st level to make up for it. If you’d rather have them more exactly de-elfed then just ignore that switch and keep the weapons at any one-handed melee or missile (like a thief).