List of Essential Resources

Here’s a list of incredibly valuable hexcrawling, randomizing, and sandbox resources for any old school referee. Online resources are linked, otherwise they’re books.


1. WFRP 2nd Edition – DM’s Toolkit
2. AD&D – Book of Lairs and Book of Lairs II
3. New Big Dragon Games – d30 DM Companion and d30 Sandbox Companion
4. AEG – Toolbox and Ultimate Toolbox
5. Frog God Games – Tome of Horrors Complete (Swords and Wizardry Edition)
6. Frog God Games – Tome of Adventure Design
7. Sine Nomine – Red Tide Campaign Setting and Sandbox Resource
8. Sword & Sorcery – Beyond Countless Doorways: A Planar Sourcebook
9. Goodman Games – The Dungeon Alphabet


1. One Page Dungeon Contests
2. Courtney Campbell’s “Tricks” and “Treasure” ebooks
3. Harnmaster – 101 Encounters
4. Kellri – CDD#4: Encounters Reference
5. Bat In the Attic –  How to Make A Fantasy Sandbox
6. Welshpiper – Hex-Based Campaign Design
7. Red Blob Games – Polygonal Map Design




2 thoughts on “List of Essential Resources

  1. Your “Red Blob Games” link is bad; it goes to Welshpiper. (But googling got me to the correct article, which is *very very interesting* – thanks!)


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